Wink Lubricating 0.4% Eye Drops - 10ml

Wink Lubricating 0.4% Eye Drops - 10ml


CE certified, Wink Lubricating Eye Drops provide instant relief to dry, sore and itchy eyes. Easy to administer, the solution is hydrating and soothing.

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Dry eyes are often caused by a number of factors including central heating, air conditioning, using a contact lens or continuous looking at a computer screen. You will know if you have dry eyes if you they feel sore, itchy or are more watery than usual. Our eyes naturally lubricate themselves but sometimes, they need some assistance hydrating. 

Wink Lubricating Dry Eye Drops are a hydrating and soothing eye drop solution containing 0.4% sodium hyaluronate. The eye dropper makes the solution extremely easy to administer and will bring instant relief.

  • Soothes and hydrates dry eyes
  • Contains 0.4% sodium hyaluronate
  • Sterile, CE certified product

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